• If it is your first visit you will have to complete an enrolment form.
  • We accept dogs from 7am and close at 5pm
  • More than one dog - call for a special quote.
  • Casual visitors are welcome as long as the dog's kennel cough vaccinations are up-to-date. (Bring Proof)
  • Prices all include GST
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Notes about Grooming and Washes.

  • See the Grooming Tab above for prices
  • A full Groom service is available on Mondays initially, call to book.
  • Wash and Dry or Blow dry available the rest of the week.
contact us to make an appointment. — or call 027-530-5319

Hair Of The Dog Grooming

Helen Mills

  • If it is your first visit you will need to complete a Grooming Registration form.
  • Currently Grooming occurs Mondays only
  • Wash and Dry, no grooming, available the rest of the week.
  • The prices below may vary depending on the coat condition, but, you will be called before the process is started.

contact us to make an appointment. — or call 022 398 1320

  • Working with a routine ensures dogs can be "at ease" as they know what to expect and do not have to be stressed or fret.
  • Coming on the same days each week also ensures that they socialise with other friends who also come on the same days.
  • While there are times attached to the schedule below, we are working with 'dog-time' so they are really just a guide and there is a lot of flexibility in what actually happens and when. I'm sure you will understand.
Accepting Pooches
Going out for a short walk + play with friends + satisfy calls of 'nature'
Yatton Park walk (approx 2km) + Exercise outside (weather permitting)
One-on-One Training
Morning Grooming for those going home
Rest, snooze and classical music time
All off for outside walk and nature calls
Play, brushing, paw treatment and massage.
Play with friends before going home.
Home time!

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