Dog Attack and Dog Safety

Every precious dog who comes to play at Daisy Doggie Daycare is cared for like our own and we strive to keep every dog in our care safe.

No dog goes off the property without a harness (if needed) and always on a lead.

We divide the little dogs from the bigger dogs and any dog that is having "an off or bad day" is taken out of the general group to keep every one safe.

Occasionally seconds can be all it takes for harmony to be disrupted. In those horrific moments, should a vet's skills be needed, we understand that time is of the essence and will endeavour to rush the pet that needs medical help to the closest Vet, which for us is Holistic Vets at 56 Fraser Street.

Our team have clear roles in an emergency so as not to waste time. One will call the Vet, one will drive to the Vet and one will secure any offending dog and ensure all others are safe.

Only once we have handed the dog over to the Vet can we stop to call the owners.

We sincerely trust the owner of the dog will understand that help for the injured dog takes priority.

In the event that a human is attacked, the offending dog will be isolated and the owner will be called to immediately collect and remove the dog.

If anyone wishes to discuss these procedures, please call me, so we can discuss the processes activated in the event of an emergency.

Dog owners are reminded that bills incurred due to injury to staff or other dogs are for their account.

Emergency / Fire / Sunami / Earthquake

These headline attention catchers, certainly do that and to my horror have found that there is little or no policy relating to the safety and well being of the animal but rather its about getting the human safe first and then the animals.

Despite explaining that these precious pooches are like children, the procedures and policy seem to stay the same. Humans to safety first and then the animals.

I have been working out carefully how does one keep everybody safe in an emergency when you may have 5 humans but 25 dogs. How do you clip them all and how long does that take. If you open the gate, knowing animals go into fight or flight mode how does one keep them all together, tethered together, safe as and then the question is where too…….

As I still am not 100% happy with my solutions, can I put it out there to you. What would you do and where would you want to precious pet to be. Is your phone number on the dogs collar? Have you ever stopped and wondered the "what if" question……its a tough one!

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