Mission Statement

To provide a safe, active and healthy recreational environment that meets canine physical and training needs, while improving the quality of life for both dogs and their owners who love them…and have fantastic staff who shine and excel everyday!

Here at Daisy Doggie Daycare and Fun Agility we give you back time and we give your Pet all the love and fun we can.

How do we do that:-
Well we really appreciate and understand that after a hard days work, all you would love to do is go home, put your feet up, enjoy some quality time with those humans you love, enjoy a meal, maybe watch a little Telly and then snuggle into bed.

We also know that your best friend has been sitting at home patiently waiting for you to come home, isn’t it amazing they seem to know the time?

They have slept all day, have high levels of energy, may have a bit of brain fuzz with no stimulation and at the sight of you, the happy wagging tale says a 1000 words. “Please take me out for a walk. I want to smell the smells, run around and meet other dogs.”

You want to rest and Pooch wants to run … that's why we are here to keep the balance and give you both your lives back.

By dropping off your best Pooch friend, we will exercise and stimulate the brain by doing fun agility. They can enjoy the company of other dogs, learn a whole lot of new things and go home tired too.

  • No need to worry about walking Pooch. It’s done.
  • No need to worry about socialising Pooch. It’s done.
  • No more feeling guilty because it rained all day and you just did not want to go out in the rain.
We have you covered!

With much patience, heaps of love and yummy 100% natural doggie treats, your best friend can have a wonderful day. You will be invited to come see what they do at special events.

With a unique Daisy Doggie Daycare and Agility membership you will have one really happy dog and your life back with time for those special little things that had to fall by the wayside due to time constraints.

Win Win for you and your dog.

  • The business owner has completed, with distinction, the Diploma course "Complete Canine Care" at BCCS.

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