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9 Months!!

For all of us human Mum's, 9 months is a time frame we recognise as the birthing of a new life and the dreams of all the possibilities that await.

Just so with Daisy Doggie Daycare. Now in our 9th month and continuing to grow, the past months have had many milestone moments. Finding the pulse, hearing the heart beat, feeling the kicks all come to mind as we have inched forward and taken on our unique form. Being a small to medium dog daycare centre, keeping everyone safe, happy and exercised, socialised and more has not been without its moments.

Almost without fail, everybody tells me what a wonderful happy family dog they have. This is true - BUT put into a daycare environment, methods of play or jealousy over toys, having a bad day, there can be some tense moments.

Please don't be offended if an assessment finds your dog is not happy in this environment. Its not personal but it is about the safety and well being of your dog and the other dogs at the Centre. I go to great lengths to ensure your dog is as safe as humanly possible. Dogs as much as we see them as our family, our fur babies, are also an animal and can be unpredictable.

Remember males must be desexed by 7 months old according to SPCA requirements.

Thank you to each and every family that entrusts me with their fur baby. If you have a new small breed young pup, once vaccinated and had its Kennel Cough vaccination, book a half day assessment.

Des Nunneley
Updated 8/9/19

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1/2 Day
Full Day
Play and Rest Times
One-on-One training
Swimming Pool and Sand Pit Fun
Some activities are weather dependant
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Small to Medium Dogs — 5 days a week
Mostly medium dogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays


by Helen

  • No more Dog Wash Mess at Home
  • Spa Hydro Bath with two tanks, one holding warm water.
  • We only use Professional Grooming/Washing products ensuring soft beautiful fur.
  • Wash, Dry and brush available WEEKDAYS

Professional Grooming by UK Qualified Helen — on Mondays

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Skilled Dog Groomers aren't cheap
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Cheap Dog Groomers aren't Skilled!

Services Offered (Expanding all the time)

Cats & Dgs Dinner Company

The Cats & Dogs Dinner company are suppliers of premium raw food for cats & dogs based on the Prey Model Diet.
We also supply all NZ natural treats, chews & bones.

We aim to provide friendly advice, information and on-going support in natural feeding solutions for the health and well-being of your cats and dogs

Diasy Doggie Daycare has been an amaizing place for me to do work experience! I have had a lot of fun and learnt a lot from Des, Frank and all the different breeds of dogs!
It is an awesome and fun environment and I would highly recommend having work experience there
2nd Year Student
Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology
August 2019
I love Daisy Dog Care, Des, the owner, is a very kind person and loves my doggies. I was so nervous on the first day I took them, but Des sent me many updates via text message and even some videos. My dogs now know when we get in the car to to there and the whole Tauranga can hear them, they are so excited. Thank you Daisy Dog Care for being the best in caring for my previous babies. I highly recommend them!.
Tersia Tegmann
July 2019
Holly loves her weekly visit to Daisy's Doggie Daycare. Des and her staff genuinely care about her wellbeing (and the wellbeing of other dogs). Des goes above and beyond to make sure the dogs enjoy their time with her. I also like the sweet smelling pooch I receive at the end of the day 😀
I highly recommend Daisy Doggie Daycare and Fun Agility.
Andrea Macfarlaned
June 2019
Clearly Des & the other workers love their job. Juno is absolutely exhausted after her 1st day. We will be back next week. Thank you for sending her home nicely brushed & smelling so good. Appreciate it
Lou Josh Reid
Feb 2019
Des clearly has a passion and love for our fur babies. Baxter loves going and I know he is well cared for. Win win.
Shiree Edgar
May 2019
very caring.. and understanding of my dog Molly Moo-moo
Lesley Saunders
Jan 2019
Super friendly people and I love that the dogs get a walk and lots of socialising. Toby has lots of fun.
Andy Bennet
Apri 2019
Thanks for bathing Austin with organic product. He looks and smells great and we will be back. 😀
Juanita Rutherford
June 2019
Owners love their job. My dog Brownie enjoyed his day
Bill Wilson
Feb 2019
Hi Des,
Wishing you success with your business. Happy to recommend to others. Missy loves her days with you and socialising with other dogs.
Linda - Maungatapu
Jan 2019

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