Important Update

You may be aware that the SPCA has established a "Welfare Standard for all dog day care facilities" which is currently in the 1st draft stage in NZ. SPCA are asking for comments from all Dog Daycare centres.

These standards are to ensure that your dog will receive and experience the best possible care going forward.

With more than 10 pages of "you shall", I will embark on a daily project going forward to ensure we comply.

Our Goal is to be certified as a SPCA approved Centre.

Various additional record keeping and other requirements will mean having to contact you to update our information.

Ultimately the welfare and care of your fur baby is what we strive to deliver daily.

Some of what is required may seem rather basic, but, if needed, will save time and ensure the best possible outcome.

Thank you in advance for your help and participation in making our centre SPCA Certified ready.
Des Nunneley

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5 X Full Day
8 X Full Day + 1x Wash
5 x 1/2 Day
8 x 1/2 Day + 1x Wash

BUY Any Daisy Deal in April and May and go into the draw to Win that rate for the balance of the year for your dog to visit with Daisy Doggie Daycare.
LIMIT of 2 "Daisy Deals" per Family
Contact me to purchase
*** Good Luck! ***

Dog Exercise Wheel

Cats & Dgs Dinner Company

The Cats & Dogs Dinner company are suppliers of premium raw food for cats & dogs based on the Prey Model Diet.
We also supply all NZ natural treats, chews & bones.

We aim to provide friendly advice, information and on-going support in natural feeding solutions for the health and well-being of your cats and dogs

Ready for a Hydro Bath

No more Dog Wash Mess at Home

Hydro Bath with two tanks, one holding warm water.

We only use Professional Grooming/Washing products ensuring soft beautiful fur.

Wash, Dry and brush available WEEKDAYS

Professional Grooming — to come.

Call to Book

eMail for enquiry or call 027-530-5319

Pro-Groomer Add75
Looking to put your Grooming skill to good use making our fluffy friend look beautiful?

Don't have a place to start your business in Tauranga and the adjacent add sounds like it was written just for you?

eMail for enquiry or call 027-530-5319

Services Offered (Expanding all the time)

1/2 Day
Full Day
Saturdays - must call to book
Closed Sundays
Play and Rest Times
One-on-One training
Swimming Pool and Sand Pit Fun

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Dog Wash, Dry and Comb
Professional Dog Grooming : COMMING
Professional Eco-Friendly Grooming Products Used

Dog Wash, Dry & Brush from $17.25, Mon - Fri

Grooming : Before and After (click here)

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Small to Medium Dogs — 5 days a week
Saturdays — CALL to BOOK

Introducing. - BARK POINTS.

Daisy Doggie Daycare Bark Club


Starting April 2019.

Have your dog visit with us twice a week (8 visits a month - 2 visits a week)

Pay $3.00 more for each visit which will go to December Kennelling or Doggie Daycare.

When Christmas is costing you money, its nice to have planned ahead - Feels FREE

Join the Bark Club NOW!

(Money can not be used before 1st Dec 2019)


Doggie Daycare and Fun Agility

(Small to medium size dog centre Tauranga)

Make new friends, share the pools, chase the ball, enjoy the rest time and massage and feel like you're on holiday - then go home.

We exercise the dog by walking to Yatton Park & back (weather permitting, on leash), have one on one training, socialise, sleep and treats time, massage, get cleaned up, brushed and then go home.

On hot days we swim a lot and have ice blocks in our water and more……..

Mon - Fri: Open 10 hours a day from 7:00am till 5:30pm

Saturdays: Call to Book

Do you have questions? Des can help      027 530 5319

Clearly Des & the other workers love their job. Juno is absolutely exhausted after her 1st day. We will be back next week. Thank you for sending her home nicely brushed & smelling so good. Appreciate it
Lou Josh Reid
24 Feb 2019
Owners love their job. My dog Brownie enjoyed his day
Bill Wilson
24 Feb 2019
very caring.. and understanding of my dog Molly Moo-moo
Lesley Saunders
Jan 2019
Hi Des,
Wishing you success with your business. Happy to recommend to others. Missy loves her days with you and socialising with other dogs.
Linda - Maungatapu
Jan 2019

Is your pooch getting bored?

How about getting a, locally made, boredom buster - just $39.90 inc GST
Hours of brain work to get the yummy bits out and rewarding when they do fall out!
Height adjustable, locally manufactured boredom busters available at the special price of $39.90 each inc GST

New Premises

We are ready in our new premises to love and care for your dog. Many loving hours have been put in getting the place clean and ready. Our swimming pool, sand pit area is ready for playing in. The kennelling is cosy and ready for our overnight visitors, always with an adult staying too and the play space is 3 times bigger than the one we had. All the Professional Grooming equipment is in and the Groomer comes twice a week. Come and see. Pop in 295 Fraser Street, Tauranga in the rear buildings.

Note: the 'Arrow' on the "OPEN" sign points to the latch to open the gate!


You cannot miss us!

The signage applied to the side of our building and it is REALLY BIG AND BOLD. The picture on the left is not a 'Photoshopped' image.
Easily visible approaching Fraser Cove shopping centre from Tauranga side.

New Buildings Twice the Space at the rear — same address

We are UP and RUNNING in the NEW SPACE

Thank you to all for the positive feedback on the BOLD new signage.

Send us an enquiry regarding bookings on the
contact us form
call 027-530-5319

We accept : : : :
: : :
295 Fraser St,
Fraser Cove, Tauranga, 3112